10 Sure Tips that keep you safe while dating online

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Online Dating can be scary for many for the fact that you do not know anything about the other person. It is good to follow dating safety tips to stay safe as well as to keep your emotions intact.

While browsing through dating sites for singles, it is important that you assess and only then choose a date. Do not just pick a date you are not attracted to simply because you are frustrated of not going on a date since a long time. This is the worst mistake you can do. So, stay calm and then decide to go on a date after you are comfortable chatting with the person for a month or so. Take your time, do not come under pressure from the other person to meet.

Checkout the following ways you can feel secure while dating online:

  1. Use a trusted site:
    You need to firstly choose trusted Hookup sites to get started with online dating. Player Blue is the right place to start searching for safe dating sites since we only list reputed and genuine dating sites. We have sites where safe dating verification procedure is followed for every member.
  2. Find out everything about your date:
    Finding out or researching your date is the best step to follow. Searching them online is one thing you could do, browsing through their social media accounts could reveal a lot about the other person. The kind of posts they write or share or the friends they have etc. If you cannot search them online, means something is wrong, it is unrealistic to not have a social media account or not possess any digital footprint in this age and era!!
  3. Do not divulge Personal Information:
    Many times, people get carried away with emotions and share their personal information with strangers they have just started dating.
  4. Inform your friend or family member:
    It doesn’t matter how many dates you go on in a month, but keeping a friend informed about your whereabouts is essential that you do not end up in trouble. Make sure your phone location is on and every movement is monitored by someone you trust. It can seem you a part of a spy agency or something, but staying safe is much better.
  5. Drive yourself for the date:
    It is always good to drive yourself, if you don’t have a vehicle then let a friend drive you to the restaurant and pick you up too. Taking cab can be still dangerous if you are going to be late.
  6. Meet at a well-known, safe and public place:
    When you meet your date, if you are a woman especially, make sure you pick the place that has a safe environment like a fine dining restaurant or where you know the owners of the place etc. Whether it is the 3rd time you are meeting or the 10th time, unless you trust the personal fully, are not aware of their background or haven’t met their family, a place with lots of people around is always a plus point. Thumb rule is not to give your home or work address to your date.
  7. Pick a good time for the date:
    Picking an appropriate time must be your first choice. Pushing the time very late in the evening is not a good idea.
  8. Avoid leaving food or drinks unattended:
    When you are dining at a fine dining restaurant or just going out for drinks, make sure you complete your meal and only excuse yourself to the Ladies / Men’s room. If you want to go between meals, it is a good idea to instruct the manager beforehand to serve the meals only when you are at the table.
  9. Avoid drinks or drink in your limit:
    If you love going out for drinks but unable to control, then it is best to choose a place where they do not serve drinks. Or if you can control make sure you do not drink more than a glass.
  10. Leave the date if in doubt:
    Many times when you meet the other person, you may get negative or bad vibes and that is a cue to excuse yourself and leave immediately. Politeness doesn’t work here, if you are uncomfortable just leave, it is an utter waste of your time to drag on with the date.

For a safe casual dating or when in doubt about going on a date, have a friend tag along and keep an eye on you from a safe distance without your date knowing about it. It is also a good idea to try group dating, take a friend from the opposite sex along to make sure quorum is maintained.

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