10 Things to Look For In an Online Date

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Looking for a casual date can be hard finding one especially when you are new to the idea of Online Dating. There are N number of dating sites, yet choosing a good site from thousands of sites can be cumbersome and daunting.

Hence, Player Blue is what you need. Player Blue has a huge collection of dating sites that are genuine, where one can meet attractive and like-minded people near you who are looking for a date or fun hook up or long term relationship. But, you still need a Love Guru telling you tips on what you must look for in the one that matches you perfectly, instead of wasting time and efforts with the one who doesn’t deserve your love and attention. That goes for both men and women.

According to Player Blue Love experts, here are 10 online dating player signs in an Online Date:

  1. Attention to Detail: When on a date, is your date paying attention to what you say or just ranting about their own life? If it’s a guy you are seeing, then do they hold the door for you? Do they let you take the seat first at the dinner table? If it is a woman you are dating, then look for if they have fine eating habits? Does she hear intently when you speak about your family, especially your mom? If the answer to all these are YES, then you have the right person so far.
  2. Respect: Respect is one the most important qualities one must look for in a person. Do they respect your decisions? Do they respect what you say or just ignore? Do they show their respect towards your parents or friends? If the answer to the question is YES, then you are on the right track and shows how good their family values are. However, if the person is insisting that you come out of your comfort zone against your wishes to have a free online Webcam Chat or do something that you do not want to do, then they are a kind of person who do not respect you and your wishes.
  3. Tickle your funny bone: A person who can tickle your funny bone is definitely a keeper. A person who can make you laugh and has a healthy sense of humor is the one who can help you come out of the worst days of your life.
  4. Share and Listen to Feelings: A person who shares their intimate feelings with you shows that they trust you with their secrets. In the same way listening to their feelings shows that you understand and care for them, hence this is extremely important.
  5. Money Management: Money Management is extremely important, a shopaholic cannot save or a person buying very expensive gifts just to impress is not the right person for you. A person who expects you to shower them with expensive gifts every few days is very bad for your financial future. Hence, look for a person who believes in saving money and has already done healthy investments and most importantly do not gamble. Beware of a person who asks you to lend them money, this is a big NO.
  6. Anger Management: Every person manages anger or rejection very differently, hence this emotional aspect is important to check for. A calm person would easily see positive in a negative person or situation, whereas, a person who is prone to anger bouts can be very bad for your future relationship.
  7. Recreational Activities: Find out what the other person does when they are not at work, do they visit charities? Do they love going for a walk or a run? Do they give time to their friends and family? Do they explore new places? Do they head to watch a play or movie? A more active person shows that they are social and love being surrounded by people they love and are a happy lot.
  8. Romantic Side: All the above qualities are all good, but are they romantic or not? Being romantic can be anything from going for a dinner date or making sure they simply drop in at your workplace to give you surprise or make you breakfast in bed or take you on a long drive to a secret scenic place and more such. Buying expensive gifts do not alone count for being romantic, giving a beautiful rose or giving a peck on their cheek or doing something for them selflessly shows that they are not only a romantic at heart but also cares for you.
  9. Social Media Profiles: These days’ people spend more time online updating social media profiles with pictures and posts. If the person you are seeing has a very active online social life, then either they do not have any other work and spend hours together online or genuinely love the attention. Many social profiles also reveal if the person is cheating or not, the posts shared by them show the kind of person they are etc. Hence, checking the social profiles of a person is very important before venturing into a serious relationship, especially check if they are on many groups of online friendship sites which you may not have known about.
  10. Social Drinking: Social Drinking habits tell it all. Can the person control their own drinking? Do they keep drinking when they know they need to drive? Are they still sober after a few drinks or do they start talking gibberish? If a person is a responsible one then they will take care what they drink and if it is really necessary to drink?

So, do keep an eye on the above qualities and signs in the person you are dating, if not keep looking for the right person on Player Blue.

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