10 Ways to Make Your Valentine Date Go Head over Heels

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It’s Valentine Week, have you planned anything special for your Valentine Day Date 2020? You have no clue what couples do on Valentines? If you are still thinking about what to do, we have some awesome ways to make your Valentine go head over heels for you.

Planning for a week long Valentine surprises or date night can be difficult if you are totally new to the concept or find difficulty to have some ideas. That is why we have brought some unique Valentine’s Day ideas.

What should I do for Valentine’s Day 2020?
Checkout 10 things to do for Valentine’s Day 2020 and make your date skip and beat:

  1. Love quotes:
    Love quotes can never go wrong. To make them more appealing, personalize the quote for your loved one. Please do not copy and paste. If you are very good with words, then this is the best time to pour your heart out. It is also a great idea if you get the quote etched on a pillow or a mug or a ring (if you have been planning to propose).
  2. Plan a dinner date:
    Planning a dinner date can be daunting, especially if you have called a hundred restaurants unable to book a table for two, guess what, every other couple is going for a dinner date. Do something different this time, may be simply cook dinner (if you are good at cooking) or get his / her food delivered at home. This way you can decorate your home in the most romantic way and have the much needed privacy. However, this needs a bit of planning and time, but well worth.
  3. Beyond your date:
    Thinking beyond your date is something you must plan much more in advance. Dinner dates can become overly boring if you do not plan ahead. May be a romantic dance before or after dinner, a romantic movie or a quiet walk makes all the difference to make the date memorable. It could lead to a cuddly evening or a steamy night, so plan accordingly!!!
  4. Valentine’s Gift:
    Gifting your Valentine can be tricky, if you do not know where to get ideas from. You can shop online for a special Valentines Gift. There are lots of options online however being observant on what your valentine may like based on their interests, likes, or something they must have always wanted will go a long way in deciding upon a perfect gift. You can also buy 3-4 small gifts leading up to a surprise gift which you give at the end of the date will make your date even more excited. It would be simply astounding if you can create your own gift especially if you are creative, may be a painting of your loved one or knit some woolen or write a poem or song and more.
  5. Beautiful Bouquet:
    Turning up on your valentine’s doorstep with a beautiful rose bouquet is a definite YES. Make sure the roses are freshly bought and have another small love note.
  6. Original Date Idea:
    An original idea of a romantic day or evening. Copying other couples will not show your seriousness for the day. Maybe go for a dance together or take a bubble bath together or have you tried binge movie night? Or camp out under the stars and more.
  7. Practice your Date Day:
    Practice makes one perfect and that goes for your date too. Make sure you practice what you want to say to your date especially when you are thinking of proposing.
  8. Long Drive:
    Going for a long drive is something you can definitely do, so scout around for some interesting places around you and plan your day away from the city. This will give you ample time to talk, sing a few favorite songs along the way and have a quiet time together.
  9. Spa Day:
    With stressful work hours, a day in the spa together will give you a relaxing getaway.
  10. Blind Date:
    May be you do not have a loved one yet, how about going on a Blind Date on Valentine’s Day? This will not only be a surprise date, it will give you an opportunity to be yourself and present your best qualities.

Whatever you plan to surprise your loved one, make sure you take into account the likes and dislikes first otherwise all your efforts could go waste. Player Blue hopes that you make your loved one drool over you this Valentines with the Valentine’s Day activities for adults.

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