Do you need a Dating Coach?

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Dating without a dating coach could be a disaster for some, however for some a dating coach pushes and encourages them to showcase their true selves. Dating coaches are like self-help books, constantly advising you and molding your personality.

Following an online dating advice column helps one to also read and understand what other people comment, how they overcome difficulties, it is like a learning curve which guides you in your future search for a soul mate. Many Blogs about online dating experiences also are very helpful for those looking for a direction in their love lives.

It could be however difficult to narrow down blog sites or dating coaches that are genuine. Every dating prospect is different, be it a man or a woman and hence, ours is a dating blog with advice that appeals to individual problems or issues in the most professional and personal manner as possible. This is why our blog is one among the modern Dating Blogs in 2020 providing the best advice possible for both men and women who are looking to date online. You can call Player Blue Blog as a free online dating coach unlike other dating coaches that are highly priced.

Tips and advice on Online Dating through our reputed dating coaches:

  1. Firstly, choose a secure dating site or platform which could help you register and get connected with people who are beautiful inside out. Player Blue has a collection of genuine and trusted network of dating sites for you, so do browse through them to register and get started.
  2. Get in touch with as many people as you can.  
  3. Strike online conversations with each one of them.
  4. Have a notebook handy to note down some distinct qualities you may have come across in each of them.
  5. Always have new questions for them, and note down their answers, this exercise will help you narrow down prospects based on their answers.
  6. This may all seem very bookish, but you know noting down stuff will help you lot better than doing all of it mentally.
  7. Your prospects’ answers could be vague or to the point or they may feel offended, however the way they react to certain questions could help you understand their behavior, especially in not so good times.
  8. Always Google your prospects, check their social footprint, especially Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Are they really who they say they are, or are they using a fake name and picture?
  9. Avoid people who send you negative vibes.
  10. Decipher the real meaning behind what the prospects tell you, this can be done be cross questioning.
  11. You do not have to get paranoid about asking questions to prospects, be straight forward and expect a straight forward answer. Those who evade your questions or change the topic, means they are hiding something, so take it as a cue and move on.
  12. Going for an actual first date with a stranger can be daunting, hence even if you are asked out, pick a public place and ask a good friend of the opposite sex or same sex (for those who are pursuing gay or lesbian prospects) to keep an eye on the prospect. A second opinion from another person could help you choose the right person.
  13. Whether you are looking for a serious relationship or a one night stand or a short fling, it is very important that you explicitly convey your feelings to the prospect, and expect the same in return.
  14. Do not be disappointed if your list of prospects gets exhausted and you still have been able to find your true match, Player Blue has more than 60 secure online dating sites you can again choose from.

So, Yes, you most definitely need a dating coach like Player Blue. Player Blue is your one-stop dating platform to find your perfect match, so what are you waiting for? Register, find, chat and meet.

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