How social distancing can still keep Lovers together?

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Are you in lockdown? Are you desperate to sprint across the city to meet your loved one? Are you apprehensive that your relationship could suffer if you do not meet him or her? Is social distancing weighing on your relationship?

There are many who are sailing in your boat, but there are those who are way ahead of all this, they are used to being away from each other for long periods, they are those who are in long distance relationship. I think we got to look at their way of dealing with difficulties, trust issues and getting around them and to nurture their relationship.

Checkout the 10 different ways you can stay in touch with your loved one and still maintain long distance love or friendship with them:
Video Calling:
Thankfully we have video calling for love to give us respite from the depressing news of Coronavirus spreading like wild fire all over the world. The best way to make sure you do not encroach on their privacy to set a time when you both are comfortable talking. Since almost everyone is working from home, it is evident they could be in a video call with their colleagues or working on an urgent report etc. So, making sure you have a time set in the evening after work hours will be a good way to move forward.

Love notes:
Think of creative ways to show you have them in your mind, like sending a love note that shows you are not only thinking about them and also it is a romantic gesture.

Essential grocery trip:
If you live close by, maybe match up your essential grocery trip with them, so that you meet them there, maybe wave each other from far, remember you are still social distancing. Make sure you are quick and keep your sanitizer handy.

Single, Register on dating Apps:
If you do not have a partner yet, then you are in luck. You can register with genuine dating apps or websites (Player Blue has a huge network of Dating Apps and Websites for you). Once you have made a profile, the dating site will send you the matches or you can search for matches yourself based on your profile criteria.

Try Sexting:
Have you tried sexting? Sexting or texting sexy notes or messages to your partner or love interest to keep the fire ignited in your long-distance love. It also helps in making sure you have a special connection with them even though you are physically apart.

No kissing or hugging please:
If you live with your partner or boyfriend or girlfriend, then kissing is a big no. How about doing things a little old fashioned? Try a flying kiss or a wink.

Watch a movie together:
How about watch a movie together? But sitting at least one meter away from your partner.

Do not spread rumors:
At a time like this, people tend to be overenthusiastic and unknowingly spread rumors about the disease, this will create panic for your partner as well, so make sure you only forward or share important information that is relevant and authorized by the WHO, the CDC or country’s government.

Keep track of latest news:
Keeping track of latest news of your locality or country or around the world and sharing it with your partner keeps them in the loop. But, please make sure do not be a part of spreading rumors.

Stay optimistic:
The most important thing you can do and encourage your partner to do is to stay optimistic. If you maintain social distancing, we will overcome the spread of the disease.

Another important thing you could do is to share your daily progress with your partner, that gives them a sense of relief that you are alright. Praying together on video call also goes a long way and gives us all hope for a better and healthier tomorrow and maintain a strong long-distance friendship and love.

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