Rise in Activities on Dating sites and Apps

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To much of the population of the world, the lockdown seems to have taken them in another direction to find date, love and solace from the present negativity. Many prominent online dating sites and apps have reported that there is between 20% to 30% rise in new registrations.

It is also reported by one dating site that women are the first to initiate a chat. Many sites have also reported that married people who are currently living a quarantine life are also joining dating sites, as the lockdown has brought out the weaknesses in their relationships and they want to find someone who understands them.

Quarantine dating is the new fad. People who are looking to find a quarantine date are at the right place, Player Blue, which has partnered and networked with trusted dating sites and apps from all around the world. With Player Blue you can browse through various dating services including video dating, chat dating, and more where the connections are all discreet.

Many who are leading a quarantined lifestyle are realising that their life is lacking love and attention and that is driving them to find that elsewhere. Since, they cannot go out, they are joining hookup datingsites and apps.

How to date during quarantine?

  1. Choose a trusted and reliable dating site and app on Player Blue network.
  2. Complete the registration process
  3. After registration is complete, your profile is vetted by the site and approved
  4. After approval, you can now find your match based on the criteria set by you.
  5. Once you have found your match, you can get to know each other through chat or voice call or video call.
  6. If you want to proceed with this match, then you can go on a virtual date on Facetime or Skype or any video app.

Dating sites are also giving respite to people who are bored in self-isolation and browsing through profiles to match and send requests has become the best wat to pass time.

Yet, it is important to note that there are many people who have been duped by fake dating or hookup sitesand apps and that is why need to go with genuine and reputed sites is a prerequisite. There is huge demand from people to join dating group and apps but are not sure which ones are good or which ones are discreet. That is where Player Blue comes in. It is safe and secure to browse on Player Blue, since we have only partnered with sites and apps that have a good reputation and take special care of their clients.

Dating sites on Player Blue have fast adopted to the concept of social distancing and date from home. They are making every effort to make the online dating experience as creative, pleasant and accommodating as before the quarantine period to continue the human connection. It is expected that this could be the new normal in the coming months.

So, it is better to choose a genuine dating site on Player Blue to go on digital datingexperience and still stay in love by staying home.

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