You don’t have to go out for a date when you have one on a video call

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With social distancing the new normal around the world, we are all bound at home, and unable to go out to date has causing many people anxious and depressed. But there is a way around this. Have you tried online video dating?

There are Video dating sites that are safe to have a face to face video chat with your date. There are also many Video dating apps that are free, yet could be risky especially if the video sessions are compromised by hackers. Hence, it is vital that one is careful and only uses services of a genuine and trusted Video chat apps that are featured on Player Blue.

I cannot stress enough on the need for staying home and staying safe, yet human nature is to connect with someone attractive and video dating can fulfil your desires of meeting and getting to know someone like never before.

Dating over video has become really popular these days, in a recent 2018 study done by Google and Qualtrics in Future of Dating, 51% people between the ages 18 and 24 consider video and virtual dating as important in order for them to decide if they want to move forward in any relationship.

With Video Dating there are some important things to keep in mind:

Join a trusted Video Dating Site or App:
The first thing you must do is to join a trusted and top dating Apps with video calling option, you can find them on Player Blue.

Create your profile safely:
When you create your profile on the dating apps, you can be rest assured that your contact details and important information like contact number are safe and confidential. Only required information is shared with your potential date.

Discreet video call:
You can have discreet hookup on video call too on many of the sites and apps. Feel free to connect with Player Blue executive for more details.

Really connect with your date:
At this time of self-isolation, you are the real you and show that quality of yours to your date. Be yourself and talk your heart out. Your date will be at ease too. Without physical touch you will see yourself more attracted to your date. This is your time to woo them and impress them.

The world of video dating is going to see an upturn in the coming years with many joining dating apps and sites to beat the self-isolation blues. It has given a new meaning to long-distance relationship and is sure to stay.

We at Player Blue wish that you stay safe in your home, reach out to your date for a candid and discreet video date without pretentions and really connect with them on a mental level, sharing your anxieties and fears and keeping their morale up. We hope that you find your match over video dating soon.

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